12.4.43    USERPUSH

Description:   Pushes name of current login user onto stack for use by USERPOP command. Recognized by ViewDAQ only.


Tcl:             USERPUSH

JScript:        USERPUSH();

VB Script:     USERPUSH


Arguments:    none

Returns:        none



Examples:      # login user tom, password tom, push onto stack,

                   # return to user named tom

                                                USERLOGIN tom=tom


                                                USERLOGIN admin


USERPUSH remembers the name of the current user for use with a USERPOP command in ViewDAQ. USERPUSH is ignored in web browser VIEW.  These commands are used together to temporarily login as another user, then return to the original user login. A USERLOGIN command or the Login from a Display (File->Login) must precede a USERPUSH. Used in screen scripts. Not supported by global scripts. This command interacts with keymacros <USERPUSH> and <USERPOP> used in the same display window or task window.

USERPUSH is ignored in VIEW.   

Note that a "restricted user" is limited to viewing displays specified during configuration through a Web Browser client.   A "restricted user" login does not limit display access in a local ViewDAQ task.  General users are restricted from viewing system displays.

The Web Browser Window must be closed or another Web Browser Window Opened to Login as another user. This is because the displays available to an Administrator, Power or General user all cached.  The Browser Window must be closed to allow a new cache to be built appropriate to the user type.

See USERLOGOUT for an example of new user login through a web browser.