12.4.44    WINEXEC

Description:   Executes a program from the Windows program.  Command executes a windows program on client if called as Local Script.  Executes on SCADA node if called as a Global Script.


Tcl:              WINEXEC program_name

                   WINEXEC path\program_name


JScript:         WINEXEC("program_name");



VB Script:     WINEXEC "program_name"

                   WINEXEC "path\program_name";


Arguments:   Windows program name, path


See Also:       SCREXEC, source


Examples:      # Tcl open notepad program

WINEXEC notepad.exe


// JScript



Rem VB Script



WINEXEC executes a Windows program file (*.exe, *.bat, other executable) in the Windows 95, 98, ME, 2003, 2000 and XP environment.  If program file is in the path declared by the windows environment, then it will execute.  Otherwise, path must be specified.  The program file is not downloaded to the client if it does not exist.

A popup dialog box sometimes appears if there is an error:

"VIEWDAQ - create process error 2"  - file does not exist or can not be found