12.5.26    llength

Description:   Count the number of elements in a list

Syntax:         llength list


Argument:     a list

Returns:         length

See Also:       lappend,  list, length


Examples:      #example 1

if {[llength $things)] > 2} {

append things "a b c d e f g" 


Returns the number of elements list.  List must be created using a list command (list, lappend, etc.)


# example 2

# split value into lines, trimming leading and trailing

# space.

 set value2 {}

 foreach ln [split $value \n] {

       set ln [string trim $ln]

       if {[string length $ln] > 65} {

       SETVAL "text50=line longer than 65 chars"


       lappend value2 $ln