EXCEL formula to read tags from WebAccess

The EXCEL application must have access to the WebAccess SCADA node.  EXCEL must be running on the SCADA Node PC or have a Network DDE connection (NetDDE) to the SCADA node.

In EXCEL, the formula has three parts: the name of the application (bwdde); the file name or topic always topic for WebAccess); and the cell range, value, field, or data that's referred to (the tagname). The following illustration shows the parts of a remote reference formula and the required separator characters.

A pipe character (|) separates the program name from the document or topic name. An exclamation point (!) separates the document or topic name from the cell range, value, field, or data referred to.

The general format of EXCEL formula to read data from WebAccess is:






For example,

To read the value of the tag named speed:

To read the Hi Span of a tag name speed:

To read the engineering units of TIMER
: =bwddexe|topic!TIMER.ENUNIT

When to use single quotation marks   In EXCEL, if the name of the tag  item contains spaces, begins with a number or contains characters such as underscore (_), colons (:) or minus signs ( – ) or contains characters that have special uses in a formula, or if a name resembles a cell reference, enclose the name in single quotation marks.
For example,