14.2.1         WebAccess SCADA Node as DDE Server

WebAccess SCADA Node acts as a DDE Server.   3rd Part DDE client applications typically access a DDE Server using the following convention:


= bwddexe|topic!tagname


WebAccess Server's application name: bwddexe

WebAccess Server's topic: topic

WebAccess Server's item: tagname

A pipe character (|) separates the application name, "bwddexe", from the topic. The topic is always topic in WebAccess. An exclamation point (!) separates the topic name from the tagname.

Tagname is the Tag you want, for example TIC101, ZT-106, speed, etc.

The DDE Client application must have access to the WebAccess SCADA node.  The DDE Client application must be running on the SCADA Node PC or have a Network DDE connection (NetDDE) to the SCADA node.

Most 3rd Party DDE Clients will make a request to start the WebAccess DDE server when they start.