14.2.2         Scripts and Keymacros as a DDE Client

WebAccess can be a DDE Client.  Actually, the SCADA node can act as a DDE Client. WebAccess Clients can only trigger DDE commands to occur on the SCADA node using Script or Keymacro Commands.

A script or keymacro running in a Web Browser will trigger the SCADA node to perform the DDE actions. For example, a script executes a command to read an EXCEL spreadsheet: the spreadsheet must be on the SCADA node and EXCEL must be running on the SCADA node, even if the command is executed by a Web Browser Client on a remote PC.

WebAccess DDE Script and keymacro commands (which act as DDE Clients) must have access to the DDE Server they are reading or writing; the 3rd Party DDE Server application must be running on the SCADA Node PC or have a Network DDE connection (NetDDE) to the SCADA node.  

Note that the DDE client is disabled without the Hardkey.