14.2.3         DDE Keymacros

The DDE Keymacros send or read data from 3rd Party DDE Servers:

<DDEREQUEST>     Requests the value of item from a DDE-aware application and writes the data to the WebAccess tag. Syntax: <DDEREQUEST>tag=Server|topic!item


<DDEPOKE>          Send value to a DDE server application.
Syntax: <DDEPOKE>Server|topic!item=@tag

<DDEEXECUTE>     Send a command string to a DDE server application


These keymacro can be added to pushbuttons.  The Keymacros allow users and operators to read or write data to other 3rd Party applications that are DDE Servers.  EXCEL is a DDE Server application.

Long Commands are best implemented using a Keymacro File and then triggering the keymacro file with the <MCREXEC>@ keymacro.

Please refer to the Keymacro section for a complete description of these keymacros.