14.4.5 OCX as an Interface to VIEW and ViewDAQ


A Microsoft Active-X Control ( OCX ) can be used  as an Application Programming Interface to VIEW clients and ViewDAQ. This is for Advanced users.


User programs can use a “GetValue”, “SetValue” and “SendCmd” to interface with VIEW and ViewDAQ, when bwocxrun.ocx is embedded in a web page contained by View/ViewDAQ.


The bwocxrun.ocx is described as below:


CLSID: 5C2A52BD-2250-4F6B-A4D2-D1D00FCD748C

METHOD: BSTR GetValue(LPCTSTR Tag, LPCTSTR ViewWindowHandle);

DESCRIPTION: Get value from Tag in View/ViewDAQ.

RETURN VALUE: value of Tag.

Return value is "%T-2L$NA", if Tag is invalid.

Return value is "%T-1L$BAD", if Tag is bad.

METHOD: void SetValue(LPCTSTR Tag, LPCTSTR Value, LPCTSTR ViewWindowHandle);

DESCRIPTION: Set value of Tag in View/ViewDAQ to Value.

METHOD: void SendCmd(LPCTSTR Cmd, LPCTSTR ViewWindowHandle);

DESCRIPTION: Send macro Cmd to View/ViewDAQ.


ViewWindowHandle is the window handle of View/ViewDAQ which contains the web page that embeds bwocxrun.ocx. Please note that users have to specify %HWND in the URL string sent to Video Display as the window handle of View/ViewDAQ. Please refer to swflash.htm as an example how this OCX can be used in a web page (located at drive:\WebAccess\Node). Please do not modify swflash.htm directly. It is a web page required to invoke Shockwave Flash Object for use in displaying Macromedia Flash movies.