14.                 Realtime Data Exchange


There are multiple ways to exchange data with WebAccess in real-time:


·         Data Transfer will read data from one PLC or Controller and write it to another. This allows data exchange between PLCs and Controllers using different communications protocols.

·         DDE will exchange data with most Microsoft Office applications (EXCEL, WORD, ACCESS) and many 3rd Party software packages.  WebAccess can be both a DDE Server and a DDE Client. These applications can read and write data to the WebAccess SCADA nodes.

·         OPC will exchange data with 3rd Party Software / OPC Servers. WebAccess is an OPC Client. Many Process Control and Building Automation vendors provide an OPC Server interface to their automation systems.

·         User Programs & API interface allows Visual C and Visual Basic programs to read and write data to WebAccess SCADA node.