15.14   Dynamic Display

The Dynamic Displays are a special group of ViewDAQ windows that will change the display based on the Tag types (i.e. Analog, Discrete or Text) or Block Type (for example PID, VAV, CASCADE).

The 'Dynamic Display Name' field is used to match one of the special Display Groups ($taghili.dsp, $tagpick.dsp, $blockhili.dsp and $blockpick) to a ViewDaq window when there are multiple ViewDAQ windows opened.

The composite screen print below shows four ViewDAQ definitions overlaid over two regular ViewDAQ with two Dynamic Displays on the right (top and bottom).  

1. The $taghili was opened, redefined  and saved twice (one as top, second time as bottom).  

2. These names where entered into the main ViewDAQ as the Dynamic Display name for the View2 and default ViewDAQs.  This allows two $taghili to be opened and used simultaneously with  different tags displayed in each $taghili.

Without using there Dynamic Display Name, highlighting a tag in one of the main ViewDAQ windows would change to the same tag in both $taghili windows.

Currently, the user must create graphic in DRAW to use in the Dynamic Display Windows.