IP Address opens VIEW directly - using default.asp

1.      Copy Default.asp as View.asp  (or any name you want). We recommend using a new name for a default page so that a future installation or update of WebAccess will not overwrite you new default page.

2.      Edit View.asp with Notepad or an  html editor

3.      Change the redirect to


Session.Timeout = 1440

Response.Redirect("./broadWeb/system/bwviewpg.asp?proj=LIVEDEMO&node=SCADANode1&capt=0&stat=0" )


a.      Replace LIVEDEMO with your project name

b.      Replace SCADANode1 with your project name

4.      The SAVE this View.asp

5.      In Internet Service Manager, change the add View.asp to the default document search order (top of the list)

When users enter just an IP address, they will open VIEW connected to the Project and SCADA node you defined in the bwviewpg.asp options.

You must make some provision for engineers.  With the above modification, an engineer would need to type ipaddress/default.asp to be able to login. 

One alternative is to move the default.asp to a subdirectory in wwwroot called  ENGR. Then, edit the redirect for correct path (i.e. add a .. to the redirect).


Session.Timeout = 1440



typing ipaddress/ENGR would allow engineers to see the old login choice.