Open VIEW : Hide Toolbar

The Toolbar appears at the Top of VIEW. It consists of a row of buttons for navigation, alarm acknowledgement and other functions.

An example of a Hyperlink to open View with out he Toolbar is:

<a href="/broadWeb/system/bwviewpg.asp?proj=LIVEDEMO&node=SCADANode1&user=power&pass=power&goto=graph=1welcome.bgr&tool=0">

Click the following link to see an example.

The required  options are:






proj specifies the project name

&node specifies the SCADA Node name

&user specifies the user name

&pass specifies the password for the user

&tool=0 hides the toolbar. Tool=1 shows it (the default)

You must specify  Project and SCADA node, user and password to use the tool option.