Open VIEW :  Hide Caption

The Caption appears at the top of WebAccess VIEW. The caption contains:

·         Project Name

·         Node Name

·         Display name

An example Hyperlink is:

<a href="/broadWeb/system/bwviewpg.asp?proj=LIVEDEMO&node=SCADANode1&user=power&pass=power&goto=graph=1welcome.bgr&tool=0&capt=0">

Click the following link to see an example.

The caption is at the top of the display and lists the name of the Project and SCADA Node.

The required  options are:






proj specifies the project name

&node specifies the SCADA Node name

&user specifies the user name

&pass specifies the password for the user

&capt=0 hides the caption. &capt=1 shows it (the default)

You must specify  Project and SCADA node, user and password to use the caption option.