16.2Size and position of Web Browser

The following are standard HTML options that you can use to modify the size of any web browser, its position etc.  WebAccess is compatible with most of these commands, although it has its own version of many. 

WebAccess View does not provide a scroll bar. WebAccess Displays in a Web Browser are always in SCALE mode (i.e. you will not get a scroll bar).  However, if you are looking some other file or location, the GOTO URL will give you a scroll bar if  the file is larger than the displayed window (assuming the application you are viewing supports clipping).

Use the GOTO URL keymacro in a keymacro file or a script assigned to a pushbutton. 


GOTO URL= text1.txt ^target=pop^height=200^width=400^left=20

The above examples would have the address of your WebAccess SCADA node, including project name, graphic name, user login and size of the screen.