16.5Start WebAccess VIEW

1.      Start Internet Explorer 6.0 or 7.0. .

2.  Enter the IP Address or network address of the Project Node and press Go.
For example:


3.  Select the WebAccess View button (Figure 16-15).

4.      The WebAccess View Login Page appears (Figure 16-17).

Figure 16-17 VIEW Login

4a.      If there are more than one Project or SCADA node, a Project Tree appears (Figure 16-18).

4b.      Select Start View under the SCADA node from the Navigation Tree in the left frame.

Figure 16-18 VIEW Login - multiple Nodes

Hint -Notice that Figure 16-17 does not show the Navigation Tree in the left frame. If there is only one SCADA Node in the project, the navigation tree is not shown.


5. Click on the Please Login button or field.

6. Enter user name and password in the Login Dialog Box.