Reports & Logs in a Video window in a User-built Graphic Display

Figure 17-2-3 Scheduled Report Page  in a user built graphic - VIEW


You can display a WebAccess Report or Log Page in a user built graphic display (BGR) using  a Video Window with  uti: instead of vdo.  T

In DRAW use Dynamic -> Video Display.  In the Video:field enter the uti:Syslog option followed by the link to the log page. For example uti:syslog/rptlist.asp? will display the scheduled report list.



Figure 17-2-3-1-1 DRAW video window to display Scheduled Reports in a graphic display

To draw the Video Display in a User Built Graphic

1.      Right Click the Mouse (DRAW) (or select from Menu Bar (DrawDAQ)) select

2.      Dynamic -> Video Display 

3.      Enter a Name for this Video Window.  This will allow scripts and animation to change which camera is displayed in this window. (If you previously edited or drew a Video Display, these fields will have the data from the last Video Display edited).

4.      Enter the uti:Syslog and the option similar to the webpage found in Configuration or from the tools menu in View.  Please refer to Chapter 11.1.54 for more detail.

5.      Select OK .

6.      Click once to define the start of a rectangle

7.      Drag with the mouse to define the size of the Video Window in the Graphic.

8.      Click a second time to define the end of the rectangle.

System Log options

For more details regarding uti:SysLog, please refer to Chapter 11.1.54 of this WebAccess Engineering Manual