2.4.2   Moving a project to another Project Node PC

You may want to develop a project on a laptop or other PC, and then move it to another PC.    You have several alternatives. 

1.      Copy the Project database and subdirectories.  This moves all project data including Users (and Passwords) and ALL SCADA nodes.  You must copy all subdirectories for all SCADA nodes.

2.      Copy the Backup subdirectory. Then run Restore on the new PC.  This brings in all project data, including users, and everything is located in on subdirectory (C:\WebAccess\Node\Backup).

3.      Import SCADA Node - this is the fastest, but does not import Project Data (for example, does not import Users and their passwords). You create a new project, and then import the SCADA node from the other PC over the Internet, LAN or even a cross-link cable.