2.        Getting Started


Welcome to WebAccess!  Since WebAccess is the truly web-browser based, you have many options open to you. 


The Fastest Start is to connect to an existing system.  If you want to connect to an existing system, you only need Internet Explorer 6.0 and the WebAccess Client Plug-in.  You can download the Client Plugin from the Project Node.


·  The on-line Demo - Try the on-line demo version at . You just need an Internet connection and a Web Browser to start (Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, or later).   You will be a "Client".  A Project Node, SCADA Node and PLCs are already installed and waiting for you to try.


·  Your company's system - Connect to an existing WebAccess system at your plant or facility, if there is one already installed.  You can be a "Client" to the existing "Project Node" and "SCADA Node(s).  Again, all you need is Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, or later and a network or LAN connection.  Ask your system administrator or Automation Engineer for the address. You will be a Client.


The alternative to connecting to an existing system is to Create a SCADA system that optionally communicates to automation hardware (PLCs, controllers, IO, etc).


·   Install a "standalone" system on your PC or laptop.   You can run in simulation mode to test out your system.  Your PC or laptop will need Web Server Software: IIS, Internet Information Services.  A "standalone" system must be Windows 2000 (Professional or Server), Windows XP (Professional) or Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, Vista Business or Vista Ultimate (XP home will not work as a Project Node or SCADA Node; it can be a client). This will make your PC or laptop a Project Node and a SCADA node.  Any graphics or projects that you develop on your standalone system can be copied to another PC. You can install from a CD-ROM or download the installation files from the WebAccess ftp site (contact your local sales office to obtain a username and password to download software).


·         Install a full network system using the Project Node as a Centralized database Server and multiple, distributed SCADA nodes communicating to automation device throughout your enterprise.


If you are Installing Project Node or SCADA node software (in order to create a new system), please refer to the Installation Guide. It is located on the Installation CD and an online version can be found at


If you are just using the Client to connect to the demo or an existing WebAccess Project Node, please continue with this section.