20.4Project Logs (HTML Reports)

The Project Manager allows you to monitor the activity on all your projects and SCADA Nodes, Create new Projects, Modify exiting Projects, BACKUP and RESTORE all of your projects and SCADA Nodes on a Global basis. Logs monitor actions that will affect all Projects, Users and Nodes including:

System Log – Web server logins

Action Log – User Actions in VIEW from all SCADA Nodes

Alarm Log – Alarms from all SCADA Nodes

Analog Tags Data Log – Avg, Min, Max and Last value for Analog tags at the user defined record frequency (from one second to one minute) that exceed a deadband.  Used by Scheduled reports also. This is a database version of data in Data Log Trends

Discrete Tags Data Log – The state and time stamp of the change for a discrete. This is a database version of the data in Data Log Trends.


These Logs are HTML Reports generated using menu driven queries for date, time, tag, etc.  You can copy and paste these from your web browser into EXCEL, Word, etc.

These reports get data from ODBC-compliant databases on the Project Node. The default is an ACCESS (*.mdb) database.  WebAccess installs these databases during Node Software installation.

These are global to all Nodes in the system.  The Action Log, Alarm Log and Data Log are similar to the text based versions on each SCADA Node, but with data from all SCADA nodes merged.

Data from all Nodes with Data Log to ODBC, Alarm Log to ODBC or Action Log to ODBC enabled are recorded to these central databases.

These logs can be viewed from both the Project Manager and VIEW (by power users).

ODBC Data Logs

Log to ODBC (Analog Tag Log, Discrete Tag Log, System Log, Action Log and Alarm Log) record data to the hard drive of the Project Node (actually to an ODBC Database, an Access Database by default named BwPData.mdb) The location and file name is on the Project Node drive:\WebAccess\Node\bwPData.mdb 

An ODBC DSN is created on the Project Node and used by WebAccess to read and write data to bwPData.mdb database. The DSN is bwpdata_Access