ODBC Logs

ODBC Records are archived by creating a new database in a subdirectory on the Archive media named after the Log and the Archive Date.  Records are then removed from the online database (bwPData.mdb) if Delete Expired Log is checked.  Unlike Data Log trends, ODBC records are archived and deleted at the expiration day (or month).  There is no seconds data in ODBC, only minute to hourly data (depending on the ODBC record frequency between 1 and 60 minutes)

Daily the Project Node archives and/or deletes records that are more than the expired time.

There are 6 Access Database files (*.mdb) created each day, if there are any records in that table for the day that has “expired” in the online Database (BwPData.mdb).

·         BwSysLog_yyyymmdd.mdb,

·         BwAction_yyyymmdd.mdb,

·         BwAnaTag_yyyymmdd.mdb,

·         BwDigTag_yyyymmdd.mdb,

·         BwTextTag_yyyymmdd.mdb,

·         BwAlarmLog_yyyymmdd.mdb.

For example

If Analog Tag Log expires in 30 days, on the 31st day it will archive those records for the 1st Day to Archive and Delete the first day’s records from the on-line Database.  On the 32nd Day, the 2nd days data records are archived to a new subdirectory on the archive media and the 2nd day’s records are deleted form the on-line database.

If the Archive Date is Nov. 20, 2003, and there is data for Nov. 19, 2002 for the System Log, Action Log, Analog Tag Log, Discrete Tag Log, Text Tag Log and Alarm Log, then the following files are created on the Archive Drive:

·         BwSysLog_20021119.mdb,

·         BwAction_20021119.mdb,

·         BwAnaTag_20021119.mdb,

·         BwDigTag_20021119.mdb,

·         BwTextTag_20021119.mdb,

·         BwAlarmLog_20021119.mdb.