Reactive Energy

Rate calculations of Cost are not enabled in this version of BEMS. Since this Reactive Energy field is only used in Rate calculation of Costs, it is not currently useful.

Reactive Energy (kVArH ) is a reactive power, Q, over time = Q * h. Some rates are based on Reactive Power charges. And use wither kVArH,  others on just KVAr.

In BEMS, Reactive Energy is designed to be from an electric power meter in units of kWH (kilowatt-hours). The difference between the current reading and the previous reading is calculated and recorded to the database for this time period (every 15 minutes is the default time period). It maybe be necessary to use and Accumulation Tag in WebAccess if you are measuring Kilowatts, then use the Accumulation Tag as the input to BEMS.

Reactive Energy is optional. It is needed only if your Electric Rate requires for calculating the Cost of Power and you want to calculate Power Costs. It does not show directly on any BEMS display or report. It is shown indirectly only if used in calculating costs.