21.5.1                     BEMS Analysis Displays and Reports


There are ten (10) preformatted analysis displays, many with multiple options and most with a report version , yielding several dozen possible analyses and reports.

The ten basic displays are:

Energy Profile - shows energy usage usually compared to a reference value.

Energy Ranking - compares energy measurements in ascending or descending order.

Energy Comparison - energy use versus different time periods or different sources.

Average Daily Profile - energy use over a given day for one or more sources.

Differential Analysis - calculates the difference of actual energy use versus a target value. 

Max / Min Analysis - calculates the top Maxima or Minima for a Group of energy sources over the selected time period.
Primary Energy Profile
- displays energy use in equivalent use of Coal, Oil, CO2 or Heat.

Cost Profile - displays the cost of energy for selected sources and time periods.

Cost Ranking – displays energy costs in ascending or descending order for the selected period .

Statistics Report - displays summary of energy use and costs for selected period.