SCADA Nodes collect data

The SCADA node collects the data for the BEMS and sends it to the Project Node via the WebAccess Network Service (webvrpcs.exe).

The SCADA node must be running to collect data.  To view data already collected in the past, only the Project node is needed.

The SCADA Node communicates in real-time with automation equipment. The SCADA node is physically connected to automation hardware via Serial, Ethernet or proprietary communications. Typical automation equipment include Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Single Loop Controllers, Direct Digital Control Systems (DDC), Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and IO (input / Output) systems.

The SCADA Node is the computer directly connected to a plant control system. The SCADA Node typically has a serial, Ethernet or proprietary network card communicating directly with PLCs, Controllers and IO racks. The SCADA Node also has a network connection to Clients. The SCADA Node retransmits data between the controllers and clients. In a sense, the SCADA node is a "SCADA Server".