WebAccess Configuration Manager

The WebAccess Configuration Manager is used to create Projects, Items (i.e. energy meters) and Groups of energy meters. The ability to configure a BEMS project is available even if the option was not purchased as part of the SCADA node license.


Figure 1.3.3  BEMS Project Manager – development  tool

The BEMS Project Manager is the development tool to create a BEMS project by linking measurements of energy usage to items and groups.

An Item is a single energy source, often with multiple measurements from the same meter, for example Kilowatt-Hours, Reactive Power (KVARs), maximum demand, costs etc.

A Group is a related set of measurements, for a example a Building with multiple measurements or a campus with multiple buildings. A Group usually consists of Items, although Groups can consist of other Groups and a mix of Items and Groups.


Figure BEMS Group List

Figure BEMS Item: Electric Power