Description:   A Keymacro to call a BEMS display from a Pushbutton or KeyMacro file. If the options are incomplete or submit=0, then a blank display appears allowing operator to select remaing options. If all options are complete and submit=1, then the drwn graph appears.

Syntax:         <GOTO>TOOL=BEMSdisplayname.UTI^options               


Argument:     The name of the BEMS display and options

See Also:       GOTO TOOL=???.UTI, uti:bems/bemsuti.asp

Examples: <GOTO>TOOL=ENERGYPROFILE.UTI^view=1^EUI=0^refer=0^Ptp=m^Grp=GrpName^sd=7/1/2008 12:00^ed=7/4/2008 12:00^submit=0