Minimum to create a BEMS project

The minimum to create at BEMS project is to configure a Group with an Electric, Water or Gas Item.

To build a minimum configuration to download and start:

·         Connect to Project Node

·         Start WebAccess Configuration

·         Create tag(s) to communicate with Kilowatt-hour meters, Gas meters (cubic meters) and water meters (in cubic meters).

·         Open BEMS in the Project List

·         Create a  BEMS Project

·         Create a BEMS Group

·         Create at least one BEMS Item (Electricity, Gas or Water)

·         Download to SCADA node

·         Wait for data to collect (at least one hour)

·         VIEW the BEMS Manager

BEMS has pre-built Analysis Displays and Reports that allow you to quickly build and VIEW Energy Analysis without any graphics building.