Start WebAccess Configuration

1.      Select WebAccess Configuration button image\img00003.gif
on the HOME Page (bwroot.asp)


2.      Configuration Login Page appears (bwconfig.asp)


3.      Login with Default username and password

If this is a new system or you are connecting to the Live Demo, use the "Default Login". Otherwise, use your Login Name and Password.

a.      In the Login Name field type: admin


b.      Leave Password field blank (i.e. no password)


c.      Click the LoginButton image\img00006.gif

 "WebAccess Project(s)" list appears (bwproj.asp).

If this is a newly installed system, it will be empty (Figure 21.2).  If it is empty, you are not ready to build a BEMS project yet. You must first create a WebAccess Project, SCADA node and tags as described in the WebAccess HMI & SCADA manuals.


Otherwise, a list of Webacces projects previously configured appears (Figure 21.3).


Figure 21.2 - WebAccess Project List, empty - newly installed system (bwproj.asp) – too early to build a BEMS project