21.5.7                     BEMS Configuration

The following are the usual steps to create an energy management system.  


1)     Create Tags in a WebAccess HMI & SCADA project to monitor electric power, gas, water, etc. See the Engineering Manual, section 3.1.1 How to configure Communications to Field Devices and section 4.0 Tags.


2)     Launch BEMS Configuration


3)  Create a BEMS Project


4)  Add Groups.


5)     Add Items.  These are the names of Tags previously built in a WebAccess HMI & SCADA project and Scada node.


6)     Optionally, add Management Values


7)     Optionally, define Rates to determine costs of power, etc


8)     Optionally, define Conversion Coefficients


9)     Optionally, add Users


10) Download the BEMS Project to the SCADA node.