22.2.1         Is Internet Information Services (IIS) installed?

The Project Node software requires Web Server software: IIS (Internet Information Server). Microsoft® Internet Information Services (IIS) makes your computer a Web server. IIS can only be installed on the following varieties of Windows:

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server products

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Microsoft Windows 2003 Server products

If you need help determining what version of Windows you have see the Troubleshooting section,  Determine Windows version.

If you are using another version of Windows, your computer does not have IIS installed. If the version of Windows you are using is listed above, continue with the next Step to see if IIS is installed on your computer. The World Wide Web Server option is required. The FTP Server is not required.

To see if IIS is installed on your computer, follow the instructions below for your version of Windows: