22.3.2   Enable Email Server to Relay messages from WebAccess

Normal users do not use the procedures described here.  This section tells describes how to enable relay on an existing email server.  This section describes how your IT department would enable a Project Node to relay through them.

Use the procedures in Section 22.3.1 to connect to an email server using a user account and password.

This section is for reference only.

In order for the Project Node to send emails outside of your local domain, it must be recognized by a computer that is part of the Internet, a so-called Smart Host". Typically, this would be your company's email SMTP server or your Internet Service Provider (ISP).    

Many Smart Hosts enable all addresses to relay messages through them. If for some reason your emails are not relayed by your "Smart Host", the system administrator may have restricted who can relay email messages through an SMTP Server. If WebAccess can send emails to local accounts in the same domain, but not outside its domain, then one option is to add the Project Node to the list of IP addresses that can relay messages through your SMTP Smart Host. (A better option is to use Section 22.3.1 and connect using a user account and password).

Assuming the EMAIL server is Microsoft, to add the Project Nodes IP address to the Mail Server list of nodes allowed to "Relay" messages.

To Modify Email Server to Relay messages from WebAccess Project Node

On the EMAIL Server computer running Windows 2000 or XP. (Chances are you are giving this section to your system administrator).

To Modify Email Server (Relay)

On the EMAIL SERVER running Windows 2000 or XP

1.     Select Start-> Settings-> Control Panel-> Administrative Tools

2.     Select Internet Services Manager

3.      Select the name of the computer to expand the tree

4.      Right Click on SMTP Virtual Server

5.      Select Properties

6.      Select the Access Tab

7.      Select Relay

8.      Select ADD

9.      Enter the IP Address of the PROJECT NODE

10.  Select OK