23.1Schedule SCADA node to Start every 5 minutes

This uses the TASK SCHEDULER in Windows 2000 and XP to schedule a Batch File to start the kernel every 5 minutes on the SCADA node.  At most, the SCADA node will be off for 5 minutes (if someone stops it by mistake).  A faster interval is also possible.

To Schedule Task to start SCADA Node project every 5 minutes:

1. Create Batch File on each SCADA Node using Notepad.


cd C:\WebAccess\Node

bwctrkrl LiveDEMO SCADANode1 1

(use the actual drive letter on your SCADA Node).

2. Save file as StartNode.bat in subdirectory C:\BATCHFiles

You can use any name or subdirectory.


Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Scheduled Tasks


5. Scheduled Task Wizard opens.

6. Select Next.

7. Select Browse.

8. Browse to C:\BATCHfiles.

9. Select StartNode.bat (or however you named the batch file).

10. Select Open.

11. Select DAILY  under Perform this Task.

12. Enter 12:00 AM for Start Time.

13. Select Every Day

14. Select ADVANCED button.

15. Select Next.

16. Enter User Name and Password for Run As Account that is a Power User or Admin in WINDOWS. This is important!!!

17. Select OPEN ADVANCED WINDOW when finished.

18. Select Finish.

19. Select SCHEDULE Tab.

20. Select ADVANCED button.

21. Select REPEAT TASK.

22. Select every 5 MINUTES

23. Enter DURATION  24 HOURS.

24. Select OK.

25. Select OK.