24.2.1            Features of WebAccess supported by Windows CE include:

The WebAccess SCADA node software has many of the features found in the Win32 version.

·         Use Microsoft® Windows CE Embedded as a SCADA Node.

·         Local ViewDAQ on Microsoft® Windows CE Embedded SCADA Node (no scripts or email).

·         Web browser based VIEW client allows a remote user to access the Win CE embedded system using an ordinary Web Browser from Windows 32 based PC (e.g. 2000, XP) with full animation including local scripts.

·         Thin Client allows remote user access to embedded system using an ordinary Web Browser from Windows 32 based PC (e.g. 2000, XP).

·         Remote engineering, database and graphics download to Embedded CE nodes using a web browser.

·         Fast Development using pre-built database, dialog boxes and graphic templates. Share graphics between Windows CE and Windows 32 platforms using object oriented Vector-based Graphics.

·         Fully animated graphics, with flashing color, motion, and pop-ups
(no scripts!).

·         Overview, Faceplate Groups, Block Detail and Point Detail displays.

·         Local Point Info Dialog Boxes.

·         Local Alarming.

·         Local Alarm Log and Local Action Log.

·         Real-time and Historical Trending and Data Logging to local hard drive.

·         Recipes.

·         Scheduler.

·         Multi-Layer Security.

·         Fully Scaleable Web application with Management Tools.

·         Combine CE SCADA nodes with Windows 2000, XP and XP Embedded SCADA nodes in same system.

·         Fast Display and Communications performance.

·         Communication to most serial and TCP/IP based devices (contact your sales office for a list of Windows CE support device drivers).

·         Most Display Group functions