24.2.5         Manufacturers Guide  – Windows CE

The Hardware manufacturer needs to supply all the Windows CE components required, including:

·         Windows CE 4.1 .NET (or later)

·         Microsoft Foundation Class Library to support EXE and DLL applications

o        MFC EXE

o        MFC DLL

·         TCP/IP communications and supporting services

·         IP and supporting services

·         Windows Networking and supporting communication services

·         RPC (Remote Procedure Call) service

·         Remote Display Application for Remote Desktop is recommended (not required).

·         WordPad is recommended (not required).

IMPORTANT - Not all Windows CE platforms support WebAccess SCADA node software.  Testing should be performed by the hardware vendor to ensure appropriate Windows CE  components are installed.

WordPad is recommend to allow the ‘Remote Access Code’, ‘TCP Ports’, web server path, address mapping and other features to be edited manually in the bwserver.ini and other INI files from the CE device. This is optional.

The Remote Display service is recommended to allow remote connection via the Remote Desktop of a Windows 32 PC to edit files or troubleshoot the Win CE device. This is optional.