24.2.6                     SCADA Node Software Installation – Win CE

The WebAccess SCADA node software program files for Windows CE are generally supplied as an archive file (for example a Zip file).  There is no Setup.exe or other installation program.

There is no WinZip for CE.  The supplied win_x86rel.zip should be unzipped on a shared resource or other Windows 32 PC (e.g. XP or 2003).

The WebAccess SCADA node program files should be copied to the hard drive of the WinCE platform.  This can be done via a shared resource (e.g. network drive) or Remote Desktop, available optionally in Windows CE.

The preferred folder is \WebAccess\Node for the location of the WebAccess SCADA node software.

The ‘Data Log Folder’ can be specified in SCADA Node properties (in the Project Manager) to allow data log Trend files to be located on the Hard Drive or flash memory.

Note -If using flash memory, all files will be erased if the CE node is restarted.  Do NOT install the WebAccess SCADA node program files to flash memory.