24.2             Windows CE – SCADA node

WebAccess SCADA Node software will run on Microsoft® Windows CE as a SCADA node with a local view or as a blind SCADA node.  Both are viewable remotely using an ordinary web browser.  The blind CE SCADA node can scan thousand of IO Tags due to lower overhead.  The WebAccess CE SCADA node with local ViewDAQ supports almost all features of the WebAccess 2000 / XP product (except email, scheduled reports, scripts and video). 

Combined with a Windows 32 VIEW client, more features are supported (local scripts and Video are supported on a Windows 32 web browser client).

Versions of the WebAccess SCADA node software are supplied on Windows CE platforms by a variety of hardware manufacturers.  These devices, the Microsoft Windows CE operating system, license and SCADA node software are supplied as a ‘bundled package’ from these hardware manufacturers.