3.2.14         Reply Alarm Email to Ack

This will enable alarm acknowledgement by email. Selecting yes will enable reading of the Incoming Email Server and add an Alarm Acknowledgement message to the outgoing Alarm Email allowing users to use the reply feature to send an email to the Pop3 account and acknowledge the Alarm.  An Incoming Email Account (Pop3) must be configured.

The default Alarm email is of the following form:


From: scadanode1@cwo.com [mailto:scadanode1@cwo.com]

Sent: Saturday, January 25, 2003 6:05 PM

To: Tom Carter

Subject: compressor rpm - Low-Low Alarm

Low-Low Alarm (0.00)

KMC RTU11 compressor speed





The Alarm Acknowledgement is of the following form





If users are to Acknowledge Alarms via a reply email, it is recommended to include the address for the Incoming POP3 email account as at least one entry in the Email From field.