3.2.18         Alarm Log to Printer

Prints the Alarm Log to a Printer connected to the SCADA Node.  Each time an Alarm occurs, a line is printed describing the alarm (three lines are printed for a Text Type tag in Alarm).  Return to Normal is also recorded. The information is the same as found on the Alarm Log Display viewed from the Toolbar or Ctrl+F8 function keys. Logging to printer is a way of making a permanent record of alarms.

Choices are: 

1 = LPT1 (An ASCII printer on Line Printer Port 1 also known as Parallel Printer Port 1)

2 = LPT2 (An ASCII printer on Line Printer Port 2 also known as Parallel Printer Port 2)

3 = LPT3 (An ASCII printer on Line Printer Port 3 also known as Parallel Printer Port 3)

Default = The Windows Default Printer (LaserJet, Inkjet, Bubble Jet, etc.) (See Start->Settings-Printers).

Disable = No Alarm Logging to Printer.

Use LPT 1, 2, or 3 only if your Printer accepts ASCII data directly. These typically are Impact Printers (Dot-Matrix or Daisy Wheel printers).  Each new line will be printed as it occurs (i.e. each new alarm).

The Default printer is the System Printer defined by your Microsoft Operating System. The Default will use "document print". A page is printed when enough entrees (i.e. alarms) occur to fill one page. Be sure to specify the Lines per Log Page if using a Default Printer.  If using a LaserJet, Inkjet or other image-type Printer, it is recommended to configure it as a Default Printer. 

The default printer is specified by:

1. Start -> Settings -> Printers

2. Right click the printer

3. Select Set as Default Printer

If both Alarm Log and Action Log are sent to the same printer, the two logs will be merged into one.