3.2.19         Alarm Log to ODBC

Enters a record in an ODBC Database on the Project Node (Access is the default) for each Alarm.  Return to normal is also recorded. 

WebAccess installs an Access Database as part of software installation for you.  You do not need to create a database or have Access software installed. The database resides on the Project Node, typically located at C:\WebAccess\Node\BwPData.mdb

The Data Table is named bwAlarmTable.

The default DSN name is bwpdata_Access.  It is recommended to use the Access Database. 

The information is the same as found on the Alarm Log Display viewed from the Toolbar or Ctrl+F8 function keys. Logging to a Database is a way of making a permanent record of alarms.  Many Industrial Plants require this to monitoring plant safety and process operations.