3.2.1   Node Name

The Node Name can be any name. It does not need to match the Microsoft name of the computer.  This is the name that will appear in the List of nodes in Web Access, and on run-time Displays (like point Detail and Block Detail) and on the Caption bar in VIEW.

An Example name used in the demo is: SCADAnode1

Node name can be any alphanumeric (a - z, A - Z, 0 - 9), dash (-) or underscore (_). 

Node name can be up to 15 Characters.

Changing the Node name will not create a new node in the project.  It will rename the node.  However, this will allow you to download multiple identical configurations to the SCADA node. The new node name can be started remotely.  The old node names can be started only locally: the copy of the runtime files with the old node name remains on the SCADA node and can only be started from local ViewDAQ taskbar Icon.

Note - It is not recommended to use the underscore (_) in PROJECT name. This will prevent the local VIEWDAQ from downloading graphics or starting the node.