3.2.21   Action Log to ODBC

Enters a record in an ODBC Database on the Project Node (Access is the default) for each Operator Action. Operator Actions include: logging in, change the value of a tag, exiting View.

WebAccess installs an Access Database as part of software installation for you.  You do not need to create a database or have Access software installed. The database resides on the Project Node, typically located at C:\WebAccess\Node\BwPData.mdb

The Data Table is named BwActionTable.

The default DSN name is bwpdata_Access.  It is recommended to use the Access Database.

This looks just like the Action Log viewed from the Toolbar or Ctrl+F9 function keys. Logging to printer is a way of making a permanent record of operator actions.  Many Industrial Plants require this to monitoring plant safety and process operations.  The user must also configure a DSN of a special name that is not yet defined when this section was written.