3.2.3   IP Address

This can be the IP Address, URL, Computer Name or any valid HOST name of your SCADA node. If you are specifying an IP Address, it must be a fixed IP address.

The SCADA node is the PC connected to your PLC, DCS, DDC controller or other automation device.  The default IP address that appears is of the WebAccess Project Node.  If there is only one Node in your system, the SCADA Node and the WebAccess Project Node are usually the same.  

There can be many SCADA nodes assigned to a project accessed through a single Project Node. 

The WebAccess SCADA node software must be installed on the SCADA node before you can download and start your project on that node.

If all your users are on a LAN, or inside a Microsoft Domain or Workgroup, the Computer name of the SCADA node could be used here.

If all your users will have a HOST file name that is common, any HOST name can be used.

You can easily change the SCADA node IP address at anytime. If you are on a standalone PC or a laptop used for off-line configuration, you can set the IP address to be you local PC, in order to allow you to build graphics and test your database, then change the IP address later using project Update in Project Manager (see UPDATE in section 20.5 for more information).

About Addresses

IP Address is the Internet Protocol Address. The IP address is a series of 4 numbers separated by periods (e.g.  This is the most common method to specify the Address of a node.  If you are using an IP address, it must be a fixed IP address.

URL is the Universal Resource Locator, for example, www.yahoo.com and scadanode.intel.com are URLs. If your company has assigned a URL to your WebAccess SCADA node you could, enter this in the Address.

Computer Name or Network Name- If you are on an Intranet, you can enter the computer name of the WebAccess Project Node (for example "Server1").  This the Microsoft Network name.

HOST name - can be either a TCP/IP "host name" specified in the HOST file on all Nodes  (including SCADA and Project Nodes) and Clients in your system.  This file must be the same on all PCs.  A fixed IP is still required on the SCADA node and Project Node if this is used.

Local PC - If you are on a PC that has the Project Node software installed and a network card, you can use the default localhost address or url:


If you use localhost or, no one from the outside can connect (because localhost means the pc they are on, to everyone else).

If you are on a standalone PC without a network card (but has the Project Node software installed), you must use the computer name: (for example http://Node1 ).