3.5.2   Connect to OPC Server with OPC Tool

Figure 3-15OPCTool - start - no connection

1. To connect the OPC Tool to an OPC Server, select either the connect icon  or from the menu bar select OPC - > Connect OPC Server from the OPC Tool Client.

2. The WebAccess Connect OPC Server Dialog box opens.

Figure 3-16OPC Toll - connect to OPC Server - local

3. Under Server Type, select either Local (i.e. this computer, the Project Node) or Remote (another computer).

3a. If you select Local, a list of all installed OPC Servers on this local computer appears. (I.e. the OPC Servers installed on the Project Node or Combined Project / SCADA node).

Figure 3-17OPC Tool - Connect to Remote Server

3b. If you select Remote:

3.b.1 Enter the IP Address or Computer name of the remote computer with the desired OPC Server.

3.b.2 Press the Get Server List button

3.b.3 A list of all OPC Servers on the Remote Computer appears.

4. Select the server from the OPC Server List

5. Select the Connect OPC Server button.

The OPC Tool will start the OPC Server if it is not running. However, it is recommended that you manually start the OPC Server and run through any procedure needed to connect to the automation devices (for example in the Kepware Modbus and Cimetrics Bacnet OPC Servers both start with no devices connected and require that you select a device or network to communicate).

6. The OPC Tool Client appears with the toolbar icons  enabled, including the following

Disconnect OPC Server

OPC Status

Import / Add Item

7. Select the Import/Add Item icon  

    Or, from the menu bar select OPC -> Import/Add Items

Figure 3-18OPC Tool Menu Bar

8. The OPC Item Browse/Import Dialog Panel appears.

Figure 3-19OPC Tool - Browse and Import