3.5        OPC Tool - Import Tags from OPC Server

The WebAccess OPC Tool (OPCTool.exe) allows you to import tags from a Local or Remote OPC Server into WebAccess.  The features of this tool include:

·         Browse the "Tree" of OPC Items

·         Browse the OPC Data points within each OPC Item

·         Convert OPC Tag names (i.e. rename automatically)

o        Convert to Short Tag name

o        Convert by Renaming Rules

o        Convert to Sequential Tag numbers

·         Append Prefix to OPC Tag Names

·         Filter OPC Data Points by Data Type or Name

·         Import only Selected Items

·         Import All Items

·         Import from Local OPC Server (Local to Project Node)

·         Import from a Remote OPC Server (Remote to Project Node).

·         Import to multiple Projects, Nodes, and Devices

The OPC Tool must be run on the Project Node. The OPC Server and the SCADA node can both be remote to the Project Node.  However, the OPC Tool works on a WebAccess Database directly (bwcfg.mdb) and, consequently, the OPCTool.exe must be run on the Project Node.

When using the OPC Tool a Local OPC Server is Local to the Project Node. A Remote OPC Server is remote to the Project Node.  This is in contrast to the SCADA node. You may have configured your SCADA node to use a Local OPC Server, but when using the OPC Tool, that OPC Server might be remote (if the SCADA node and Project node are on separate nodes). The only time both the OPC Tool and SCADA node uses a Local OPC Server is if the SCADA Node and Project Node are the same PC.

Before using the OPC Tool to import, you must configure an OPC Comport, at least one OPC Device.

The OPC Tool will start the OPC Server if it is not running. However, it is recommended that you manually start the OPC Server and run through any procedure needed to connect to the automation devices (for example in the Kepware Modbus and Cimetrics Bacnet OPC Servers both start with no devices connected and require that you select a device or network to communicate).