4.1.12         Array Type Tags

Some tags can be Arrays.  Array type tags are similar to Blocks in that a single tag represents a group of values. However, the parameters in a Block can be individually named.  The elements of an array are referenced by number only. Only a few IO devices support array type tags. 

Constant Tags in WebAccess can be defined as an array, up to 1000 elements in an array. Arrayed Text-type Constant Tags can have up to 1000 elements in the array and 70 characters per element (1000 x 70). Local Screen Tags can also be defined as array type tags.  Many %DAQ system tags are array type tags

Round Brackets () are used to specify the index for the array. For example, to read the 5th element of an array tag: arraytagname(5)

The number of Array type IO tags is limited by the software license control file.  Each Element in the array counts as one IO Tag.

The number of Internal Tags (Calculation + Accumulation + Constant) cannot exceed the number of IO tags in the license.  Each Element in an array type Constant Tag counts as one Internal Tag.