4.1.5   Block Types

Block Types are the second type of Template in WebAccess. Block Types are groups of parameters.

The classic example of a Block is the PID block, which is found in device drivers for Allen-Bradley PLCs, Foxboro Controllers, Honeywell controllers, Omron PLCs, and many other devices. The PID of all these devices has a predictable group of parameters. In a PLC, the parameters of the PID have the same offset. Each PID has a unique starting address, but once you know the starting address of the PID, you can determine the address of all the other parameters.

The Block Type is the defining template for a Block. It essentially groups together multiple parameters into a Block.

Most WebAccess drivers come with a set of pre-defined block types. These block types can be used as is, or modified by the user. The user can also define new block types.

There can be an unlimited number of Parameter Types.