Characters NOT permitted in a Tag Name

The "reserved" characters, which can NOT be in a Tag Name are as follows:

& (ampersand)
, (comma)
: (colon)
. (period)
% (percent)
= (equal sign)

There can be no blank spaces in tag names.

The WebAccess Project Manager will not let you save a Tag (i.e. press the "Submit" button), WebAccess will complain if your tag name uses one of the "reserved characters".

If you plan to use Data Log Trends (i.e. Historical Trend files) you cannot use:

\ (back slash)
/ (slash)
? (question mark)
" (quote)
< (greater than sign)
> (less than sign)
| (pipe)

These characters cannot be used as file or folder names in Microsoft Windows Operating Systems (Data Log Trends create files with the Tag name as part of the file name).

If you plan to use Keymacros (i.e. pushbuttons), calculations, or scripts you should also avoid using characters commonly used for arithmetic and Tcl scripts.  You should avoid:

* asterisk
[ ] (square brackets)
{ } (curly brackets)
( ) (parenthesis)
? (question mark)
/ (slash)
$ (dollar sign)
@ (at sign)
< (greater than sign)
> (less than sign)
+ (plus sign)
- ( dash or minus sign)