Dev DB

Deviation Alarms Deadband.  A deadband is used to minimize nuisance alarms or repeating alarms caused by an oscillation near the Alarm Limit.  The deadband comes into effect only after the alarm limit is violated.  Once in alarm, the deadband specifies the change in the tag's value required to be considered normal or not in alarm.  The deadband can be in either engineering units (absolute value) or percentage of span as determined by Dev. Percentage.  This value applies to both High and Low Deviation Alarm Limits (Dev Lo Limit and Dev Hi Limit)

Range:              -99,999,999,999 to 99,999,999,999
Units:                % or Absolute Value - depends on DEV Percentage setting
Field Type:        Analog
Tag fields:         .ADVDBP          - in percent of span
                        .ADVDBV          - in absolute value