Associate Tag

The Associate Tag suppresses the alarms for this tag when the Associate Tag is in alarm. The Associate Tag is usually the “more important” alarm.  The Associate Tag is used to suppress nuisance alarms and help operators identify the cause of upset conditions.

Usually, both tags have Alarming enabled.  If user configures the ‘alarm associate tag’ with both tags having alarms enabled, then if the ‘Associate Tag is in Alarm’ then alarms for this tag are suppressed.

However, the Alarm Associate Tag does not require alarming for the alarm suppression tag. If the does not have alarming enabled, then when the  ‘Associate Tag has a value > 0.5 or < -0.5, it will disable the this tag's alarms.

The Associate Alarm Tag can be "LOG-ONLY" and still suppress alarms in the in alarm condition.

 Both the Unacknowledged and Acknowledged Alarm state of the Associate Tag will suppress alarming of this tag. If the Associate Tag Alarm “clears” before it is Acknowledged, it will continue to suppress alarms in the Unacknowledged state.   

Range:              tagname
Field Type:        Text
Tag field: