4.2.8   Address

Assigns the address of data in the field device to be read or written as the value of this tag.  Address is initially set when the Parameter was chosen for this Tag. Address is very device dependent. Refer to the device driver manual for more details. Most users edit the field by selecting the part(s) of the address with the mouse and typing the specific address.  The pull down menu (accessed on Address Template field above) lists address formats supported by the driver.


/N - Variable SCAN time for tags on same com port. Variable Scan tag is supported by some device drivers (Modbus and related drivers are examples).  The  /N option appended to the address of a tag allows user to specify a scan time as a multiple of the scan time specified in Comport Properties. The tag will be scanned at the rate of N * scan time. A modbus example would be 30001/2 meaning it would scan twice the specified SCAN time.

See the device driver guide for specific information.

Range:                    driver dependant
Field Type:            Text 
Tag fields:             .PADDRS