4.3.11         Length

Indicates the length of data read. For Discrete Tags this determines the number of States in the tag. If three bits are read or written from the field device, up to 8 state descriptors are used to display the 'State" of the tag's value.  If a single bit is read or written form the device, then only two state descriptors are used.

Length          State Descriptors Used

1              STATE 0 and STATE 1

2              STATE 0, 1, 2, and STATE 3

3              STATE 0 thru STATE 7


Range:1 to 3
Field Type:    analog 
Tag fields:     For Discrete Tags, length can be inferred from .SPANHI


Figure 4-4Change Dialog Box for 8-State Discrete Tag


Figure 4-5Change Dialog Box for 2-state Discrete Tag